Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Boy Who Howled by Timothy Power

The Boy Who Howled by Timothy Power was published in 2010. This is a fun and often funny story of a boy who was raised by wolves. It is perfect for middle grade students with a Lexile of 870. It goes into detail about the grewsome act of wolves taking down their prey, but other than that, this book is lighthearted and will delight readers with the funny antics of Callum and his wolf family. 

This book goes deeper than I expected it to. Callum, the main character knows just what qualities alpha dogs/wolves/people should have. He explains beta and omega traits and can communicate with canines. I think this book would be fun to discuss with young readers. 

Book blurb: "Callum doesn't exactly fit in with his family. He can't sprint through the forest on all fours or take down a deer with a single snap of his jaws - and sometimes he worries that dad may see his as dinner. But Callum works hard to  master the ways of the wolf pack (while trying not to look too delicious). And for a while, it works. In between chasing prey, Mom and Dad even let him howl at the moon with them. 

    "Then the pack sends Callum back to the live with his own kind - humans - and blending in becomes even more of a challenge."

If your child likes funny books, they will enjoy this fast paced story. 

We've received a few more books for the NICU, and I appreciate the generous support we receive.  

Marci Kormylo sent this selection. 

Nancy Schmutz sent this selection. 

An anonymous donor sent these.

Christy Tucker sent these books. 

Thank you for your continued support of our NICU book project. 

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