Thursday, July 21, 2016

Football Genius by Tim Green

If you have a sports loving reader in your house, this might be a book you want to hand them. Football Genius by Tim Green was recommended to me by our school librarian.

Troy White is a good football player in his youth league, but as quarterback, he doesn't see any play time because the coach sends his own son in to play instead. Being a good football player isn't Troy's only gift. He can predict football plays before they happen. When his mom gets a job working for the Atlanta Falcons, he thinks this may be his chance to prove himself by helping the team win, but one of the coaches wants the Falcons to lose and ties to stop Troy.

Can Troy find a way to make them listen and save the Falcons from a losing season?

Written by a former Falcon, this story is fast-paced and exciting. The only drawback I saw was that Michael Vick is mentioned in the book, but Green couldn't have known that Vick was abusive to animals when he wrote the novel. Vick is a minor player in the story, so don't let that stop you from reading this fun story.

Read to a child today even if that child is you. 

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