Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dinosaur Woods by George McClements

What do you do if your house in the woods is going to be cleared to make way for another plastic tree factory? Why you do what the animals do in Dinosaur Woods by George McClements. Published in 2009, this story values the lives of animals and of saving natural habitat.

When the animals find out they are going to lose their home, they try to get people to listen to them, but no one does, so they decide that people won't destroy the woods if they think a dinosaur lives there. They work together to build a robotic dinosaur and climb inside to operate it in hopes of scaring the construction crews away.

This book is great for kids of all ages. The pictures are fun and cute and there is enough going on to make it fun for an older child as well as any child who loves animals.

The animals are able to save their homes but not in the way they intended.

Read to a child today in order to build their background knowledge.

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