Thursday, September 3, 2015

Throwback Thursday - The Wicked Pigeon Ladies in the Garden

Today's book is out of print but is available on a Nook and Kindle. The Wicked Pigeon Ladies in the Garden by Mary Chase was published in 1968, and quickly became the book I read and reread the most. Maureen Swanson is the main character, and she is an interesting brat and bully. She is obsessed with an old, boarded up mansion near her home. One day she gets inside the gates and finds a bracelet with feathers on it. A strangely dressed woman comes looking for it, but Maureen lies and says she doesn't have it. Maureen gets transported back in time to when the mansion was new, the wicked Pigeon ladies were little girls, and she has to figure out how to get home to her own time.

I looked and looked for this book for many years. I was even tempted to borrow it from the library and "lose" it, but my conscience wouldn't allow that. Several years ago, I found a copy on ebay for $10. It is in pretty rough shape, but I have my own copy that I obtained the correct way.

The book was reprinted in 2003. The name was changed to The Wicked, Wicked Ladies in the Haunted House. The illustrations were changed, not for the better, and a few words were changed inside, which really bugs me because they stand out for me, but they won't stand out for someone who hasn't read it before. This book really woke up my imagination, and I think any child age 6 to 12 will love it. Of course adults who like this type of book will also enjoy it. My son Matthew enjoyed this book at about age seven, so I bought him a copy of the new release. I wish I had purchased more copies because now I have several granddaughters who would like this book.

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