Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Two for Tuesday: Fear Month with Betty Ren Wright

Betty Ren Wright had a lengthy career as a scary book writer. I've read many of her books, including The Dollhouse Murders, but my two favorite Betty Ren Wright books are Christina's Ghost and A Ghost in the House

Christina's Ghost tells the story of a young girl, Christina, who has to stay with her grouchy Uncle Ralph for the summer. While she is there, she meets a little ghost boy who needs her help. This book comes complete with an evil presence in the attic. This 105 page book has a 620 Lexile and is a favorite with my students who like scary stories. My reluctant readers who read this book will usually read another book by Betty Ren Wright. The ghost in this one is pretty scary, so you may not want to read it after dark if you get scared easily. This book was published in 1985 and is still in print.

A Ghost in the House is out of print but readily available used on Amazon.com and was published in 1991. Sarah has just moved into a new home with a beautiful big bedroom, but finances demand that her great aunt move in with them. Sarah is moved from the big beautiful bedroom into a small storage room, so her great aunt can have her room. Strange things start to happen in the house putting the entire family in danger. This book has 163 pages and a Lexile of 780. 

In both books, the main characters grow and become stronger. I've read many other books by Betty Ren Wright and enjoyed all of them. She writes good scary stories. Try one out for Halloween, but you may want to keep the lights on. 

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