Thursday, November 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday: There Was a Hill . . . by Lark Carrier

Published in 1985, There was a Hill written and illustrated by Lark Carrier is currently out of print, but it is such a fun book to share with a child.

The story begins: "There was a hill"

 You lift the flap and it says, "that was a bear"

The next page: "That climbed a tree"

Lift the flap: "that was a trunk"
The story continues with soft illustrations that go from one animal to the next until it ends: "that was the moon that lit the hill that was . . ." The story is circular, and of course when I get to the last page, my grand-kids say, "Read it again."

Now if I could just get publishers to stop letting books go out of print. I found this copy at a thrift store, so they are out there. I've also seen them on and for reasonable prices.

I am reading this one for my grandchildren.

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