Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas NICU Update - and Three books for little ones.

Thanks to everyone who ordered books for their children from our Usborne Link . We were able to get twenty-two new books for the newborns at McKayDee NICU. Because of those books and others, fifteen more packets of books will be delivered on Christmas Day to Angie.

I love to put Usborne books in the packets because they are well made, sturdy, and adorable. Today, I will focus on three of the books in this selection of Usborne books.

The first is Oh, Baby! the A to Z by Kane Miller. Published in 2013, this adorable ABC book has pictures of baby animals for each letter. This is a great way to open your child's world to 26 different baby animals.

The cover:

Where else can you easily teach your child about hedgehogs, marmosets, newts, and raccoons? The photography is stellar and so sweet. This book wins in the cuteness category. Each letter is shown in upper and lower case and many different colors are used, so this book can help your child learn many things.

The next two books are Cats, Cats  and Dogs, Dogs  written by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt and published in August of 2015.

The illustrations all have bold black outlines, and the story is told in rhyme, which makes it fun to read.

Some inside pages:

The last page of each book has a mirror so your child can pretend to be a cat or a dog. 

This book introduces words your child may not hear in everyday conversation. Remember that a child who is read to on a regular basis begins school with hundreds of thousands of extra words.

You can still order books for your child from Usborne. If you use This Link, the babies in the NICU get free books and your child gets great quality books. Thanks again to everyone who ordered because it is the easiest and least expensive way for us to give books to the NICU.

My neighbor brought six more books over for the babies. I appreciate her generosity toward the littlest of readers. Thanks, Michelle! I have to get that Underwear book. It is too cute.

Find a child to read to today, even if that child is you.

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