Thursday, December 3, 2015

Three Word Thursday: No Talking by Andrew Clement

Since yesterday was wordless Wednesday, I thought it fitting to introduce you to Andrew Clements' No Talking today. Published in 2007, this book has a lexile of 820. The main character is in fifth grade; however, I can see this book being used with middle school readers up to eighth grade as the concepts would be interesting to try with students of that age.

Dave, the main character recently did a research project on Mahatma Gandhi and learned that for many years, Gandhi did not speak one day of each week. He used that day to listen, think, and learn. Dave decides to try to stay silent for one day, but his temper gets in the way and he ends up spouting off to Lynsey, "If you had to shut up for five minutes, I bet the whole top of your head would explode!"(10).

Their argument leads to a challenge:
  • Fifth grade boys against fifth grade girls
  • You can use three word responses at school, but only if a teacher or adult at school addresses you
  • No talking outside of school at all
  • Contest to last 48 hours
  • Winner gets to put a big L on the Loser's forehead in magic marker
  • David and Lynsey are the team captains
  • David keeps track of the girls score and Lynsey of the boys.
  • Words said outside of school are on your honor and you have to report them yourself to David or Lynsey
The students, normally a noisy unquietable bunch, take this challenge seriously. It causes some teachers to be quite upset, but other teachers see the value of it. The students have to get creative on finding alternative ways to communicate. They have to make every word count both figuratively and literally. The entire school finds that they have to view communication in a whole new light. They learn about themselves, about teaching, and about interacting in new ways. 

I'm unsure if Clements wrote this for students or for teachers as I can see usages for both, so we will say he wrote it for everyone. I would love to try this experiment in a classroom. This book reminds me of his book Frindle, as it shows how fluid and changing communication and language really are. What could I learn if I talked less? I need to try it.

His website includes a curriculum guide if you want to teach this book in a classroom.  No Talking curriculum guide 

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