Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Mouse Around by Pat Schories

Published in 1991, Pat Schories' Mouse Around is a fun story about a baby mouse that is curious about a water leak in the pipe above his nest. He tries to touch the drip of water and falls into the back pocket of the man fixing the pipe.

He is transferred unwittingly from one place to the next and takes a journey around the town. I originally purchased this book because I liked the art so much. In "reading' this book with no words, I really like the story. There is so much to see as you travel with the baby mouse and wonder if he will make it back to his mama and nest.

If her art looks familiar to you, it is because she has illustrated many, many children's books including the Biscuit books. Check out her website here. The images of the pages from the book are from her website.

Wordless books give your child the chance to tell the story. They allow your child to be observant. Often tiny details are told with the artwork. This book contains pictures within pictures, so there is a lot to see.

Do you have a favorite wordless book?

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