Monday, January 11, 2016

Poems for Book Nerds: I Am the Book

Recently, I came across a book of poetry designed for book lovers. I Am the Book is a selection of poetry by several great writers all about books. The poems were selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins and illustrated by Yayo. There are books in every picture. What better for a book nerd than a book of poems entirely about books and the beauty of the written word.

This book was published in 2011 and contains thirteen poems written by thirteen different authors.

I love the poem by Karla Kuskin titled,

"Wonder Through the Pages."

So I picked out a book
on my own
from the shelf
and I started to read
on my own
to myself.
And nonsense and knowledge
came tumbling out,
whispering mysteries,
history's shout,
the wisdom of wizards,
the song of the ages,
all wonders of wandering
wonderful pages.

Each poem is different but all are about books, reading, or poetry. All of them touched me in some way and reminded of why I love to read. (As if I ever need reminding of why I love to read).

I would love to put together a poetry academy and use these for a poetry jam.

Do you have a favorite book of poetry?

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  1. This looks really interesting. I am not big into poetry, but I think I want to give this a try!