Thursday, January 7, 2016

Throwback Thursday for Early Readers: The Monster in the Third Dresser Drawer by Janice Lee Smith

With a lexile measure of 690, this book is geared toward the very young proficient reader. If you have a child who reads above their age level but you want them to read a book about a child who is their age, this is the book. This would also be a good read aloud or read together if your child is between five and eight.

Published in 1981, Janice Lee Smith's The Monster in the Third Dresser Drawer and other stories about Adam Joshua, tells the story of Adam Joshua, a young boy just starting to lose his teeth. He has experiences that a child can relate to. He has to move from his town back to where his mother's family lives. He gets a new baby sister, and she has to share his room while her room is being made. She wakes him at night and gets into his toys. His old aunt comes to visit, and he is sure she hates him. He says she loves Amanda Jane (his baby sister) but hates him. He has a babysitter who has no clue how to get rid of the monster that lives in his third dresser drawer, so he is scared and gets in trouble for not staying in bed and going to sleep. His baby sister gets moved out of his room, and he worries that she will miss him.

He is a fun little boy who makes mistakes, but he is a good little boy at heart. He draws pictures on his wall so his sister won't be scared when she wakes up. He cuts up her teddy bear because she cries at night and wakes him up. He hates to leave his friend from his old town, but he makes a new friend. He learns the value of an old aunt.

This is a charming small chapter book with darling illustrations by Dick Gackenbach.

What does your five to eight year old like to read?

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