Monday, February 29, 2016

Ka Hancock Author of Dancing on Broken Glass is in the House!

I recently posted about Dancing on Broken Glass, the book my bookclub read for February. The book was a hit with our bookclub, and lucky for us, one of the gals in my writers group is neighbors with the author, Ka Hancock and arranged for Ka to come talk to us.

Ka and her husband's visit to our bookclub was magical. She told us about her writing process, the angst of rewrites and finding an agent. She also read a deleted scene to us that brought us  to tears.

She answered our questions about characters, plot, and the wonderful fairy tale contained in this novel, which we hope will be made into a children's storybook.

We talked about how she got relationship dynamics right, and how the relationship between the sisters was written beautifully. We loved that the people in her town were loving and supportive of Mickey's mental illness and that they watched over Lucy.

It was a magical night spent with an author who is as good as her novel, which is rated over four stars on If you haven't read her story about the relationship of a couple in crisis and their family, you won't want to miss it.

I love the ladies in our bookclub. If you are in a bookclub, what are some of the books you've loved from your club? Ka is in the tan cardigan with the black shirt in the back row.