Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Teen Tuesday: Hollow City by Ranson Riggs

The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children is called Hollow City. Published in 2014, author Ranson Riggs continues the story right where the first one left off.

The 850L lexile measure makes this book easily accessible for ages older than twelve.

In this installment, the peculiar children are trying to find another ymbryne who can help turn their own ymbryne back into a person. If they can't find someone right away, Miss Peregrine will spend the rest of her life as a bird.

The majority of the story takes place in Great Britain, mainly getting to London, during WWII. This book is as dark as the first one which is why I wouldn't recommend it for grade school students. There are deaths, murders, and torture in the story. The title is fitting as most of the children have been sent out of the London to try to protect them during the war, and of course the Hollowgasts are still chasing the Peculiar children.

Jacob Portman, the only child from our time, learns more about his own power. He has important choices to make as he is the only one who still has living family. His parents are worried about him and long for him to come home.

This book also contains historic pictures, many of which are quite creepy. Ransom Riggs includes a cast of characters along with pictures at the first of the novel which helped me keep all the characters and their powers straight. I especially like Bronwyn, the strong girl because she takes care of others and has a kind and tender heart.

I will definitely be buying the third book next month when I go to Barnes and Noble for writers group.

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