Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Deltora Quest Series by Emily Rodda

My good friend, Michelle, recommended this series to me, as it is one her boys loved. I read the first one, The Forests of Silence, in one sitting. Each book is short, the font size is larger, and there is more white space on the pages.

At our house, we have a read together book, but I like my son to have a read alone book as well. This is hard because of my son's issues with reading because of his seizures. The font can't be too crowded. Pages need to be smaller, and the book must be short. He only wants to read fantasy, and he hates anything that makes him sad. At some point after his brain has healed a little more, I hope he will expand his reading wings, but for now it is hard to find something he enjoys and can stick with as he reads independently.

The lexile measure is 690L, which is below his grade level, but at this point, we are trying to get him reading independently without becoming frustrated. I say, meet your child were they are and build from there. Don't make them start where they should be because that will cause frustration and will not build a love of reading.

I've read the first three books and the story is good so far. I will be on the hunt for the next five books in the series. Matt struggled to get into this series, but that is not unusual for him. We may need to read the first one together, as it contains the set up for the story, and expositions can be a bit dry for him.

Read to a child today even if that child is you. 

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