Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell out of Tree by Lauren Tarshis

Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell out of Tree by Lauren Tarshis was published in 2007. This a story about Emma- Jean, a girl who is not neurotypical.

Blurb from the back" Strange: adj. 4. extraordinary, remarkable, singular. That's Emma-Jean Lazarus the smartest - and definitely the strangest - girl at William Gladstone Middle School. The kids at school don't understand her. But that okay, since Emma-Jean doesn't understand them either. All that changes when she discovers Colleen Pomerantz sobbing in the girls' room. What happens when Emma-Jean decides to use her powers of logic to solve Colleen's problem? Emma-Jean's life gets messy, that's for sure, and she finds herself tumbling out of her well-ordered world and into the strangest place of all - her own heart."

I liked how this book showed Emma-Jean's process of problem solving. One of my favorite things in this book was the quilt made for her by her father. This is a sweet, gentle story with wonderful adults (mostly) and kids who are mostly kind. I liked that Tarshis shows how each person is different - some are more emotional, some more kind, some more honest. This is a good book for middle grade and middle school students. 

Kimberly Przybyla sent us this wonderful Mem Fox book for the NICU along with this note: This is one of my favorites to read to babies, I hope it gives some moments of peace and love for parents and babies during their NICU days. 

Thank you, Kimberly. 

Mem Fox is a wonderful writer. I love all her books. They are fun to read and kids love her words. 

Read to a child today even if that child is you. 

Link to our NICU book registry if you'd like to donate books to babies in the newborn intensive care unit so their parents can read to them while they grow. You can also donate gently used books to our project by sending them to me or to Angie. Email me for a mailing address. We can use both English and Spanish books. If you have a graduate of the NICU, or if you have a baby whose life you would like to honor by donating books to this project, let me know, and I can make a book plate with their name for the books you donate.

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