Friday, March 13, 2020

The Queen's Thief Series by Megan Whalen Turner

The Queen's Thief Series by Megan Whalen Turner is a series of five books, but I just found out there is a sixth book that will be published in August of this year. Book one, The Thief, was published in 1996 and was introduced to me by our wonderful librarian at South Hills Middle School for Brown Bag and a Book.

The story is about a thief, Gen, who has been imprisoned for bragging about stealing from the king. The mangus needs a thief to steal an ancient treasure and chooses Gen to help him attain it for his king. I enjoyed this book but didn't continue reading this series until I found the third book in a Little Free Library.

I listened to the series on audio and it is well narrated. The series gets darker as it progresses, but it has moments of levity. There is a lot of adventure and action in this well written series. Things are never as easy as they seem when Kings, Queens, kingdoms, wars, and intrigue are involved.

Book One: The Thief

Book Two: The Queen of Attolia

Book Three: The King of Attolia

Book Four: A Conspiracy of Kings

Book Five:Thick as Thieves

Book Six: Return of the Thief Available for pre-order now. I look forward to reading this book.

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