Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Midnight for Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo

Midnight for Charlie Bone was recommended to me by my daughter, Caitie. The lexile of 630L and the larger font and double spaced lines make this book perfect for middle grade (4th to 7th grade) students who enjoy fantasy.

Blurb from the back of the book: "Charlie doesn't want to believe it when he discovers that he can hear the thoughts of people in photographs. But his horrible aunts are delighted - it means that he is one of the chosen and must attend Bloor's Academy for gifted children. Once there, Charlie realizes that some of  his classmates have equally mysterious powers, and soon Charlie is involved in uncovering the mysterious past of one of them."

The children with powers are called endowed, which means that my middle-school mind giggled about it and that if it was read in a middle school classroom, the kids would be snickering like crazy.

I loved Benjamin's dog, Runner Bean. He is the best, and the three flame cats are awesome, too.

This book was interesting enough to make me want to see if my predictions were correct (they were). I found the characters a bit flat and the book lacks some transitions, but overall, I think the age group this book is intended for will enjoy it. There are British words that young American students may not recognize. I enjoyed it enough that I plan on reading book two.

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