Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Cat Barked? by Lydia Monks

Kayana, my granddaughter in kindergarten, came over today to read a book for my Youtube channel.

She chose The Cat Barked? by Lydia Monks. This fun book is about a cat that thinks it might be better to be a dog, but her owner shows the cat how important it is to be yourself.

Published in 1998, this book has brightly colored illustrations and upbeat text that rhymes. This book is currently out of print but readily available online for decent prices.

Blurb from Barnes and Noble: A charming carrot-colored cat wants to walk on the wild side-as a dog. But do dogs really have the upper paw? This confused kitty thinks so, at least until her helpful owner proves that life as a feline really is the cat's pajamas. Lydia Monks' bouncy rhymes and inventive collage illustrations are purr-fect for young pups and kittens.

Kayana reading the story. 

Read to a child today even if that child is you.

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